The growing popularity of sports betting in Keniya

Sports betting has exploded in popularity across Kenya over the last decade thanks to increased internet access, mobile phone penetration and convenient digital payment options. The activity that was once taboo has gained widespread acceptance and created a thriving sportsbook industry.

In this guide, I explore the factors driving this sports betting boom in Kenya, profile the most popular sports to wager on, breakdown key market statistics and projections, and also highlight sensible gambling tips for Kenyan punters to benefit from the growth sustainably.

Key Growth Drivers

Several socioeconomic factors have fueled the soaring popularity of sports betting in Kenya:

  • Improved internet connectivity and affordable smartphones expanding digital access
  • Mainstream marketing campaigns from betting firms like SportPesa, Betika, Odibets etc.
  • The youthfulness of the population who are more tech-savvy and risk- tolerant
  • Digital finance options like M-Pesa enabling betting deposits and payouts
  • The desire for alternative income sources and pathways out of poverty
  • Passion for sports like football, athletics and rugby already integral to culture
  • Legalization of sports betting and dedicated regulation from 2010

This confluence has accelerated cultural acceptance and adoption of sports wagering.

Most Popular Sports for Betting

Kenyans overwhelmingly bet on football/soccer above all else given the widespread obsession with the sport locally and globally.

After football, other popular betting sports are rugby, cricket, basketball, tennis, boxing, motorsports and volleyball in that order based on market revenue estimates. Betting activity spikes when events like World Cups across these sports occur.

With European football leagues garnering interest, sportsbooks offer extremely extensive football odds and markets year-round to drive volume in their biggest product.

Market Size and Growth Projections

Some key statistics on the Kenyan sports betting industry:

  • Worth over Ksh200 billion in estimated annual revenues as of 2019
  • Generated over Ksh25 billion in taxes for government as at 2018
  • Has over 30 licensed operators like SportPesa, Betway, Betin, Betika etc.
  • Employs over 15,000 Kenyans combined across sportsbooks
  • Projected to grow in revenue at 11% CAGR from 2020-2025

Regional leadership in sports betting has made Kenya a case study for global firms. Sustained growth is expected as adoption rises amongst younger digital natives.

Sensible Betting Tips for Kenyans

To avoid problem gambling and enjoy sports betting responsibly:

  • Only wager extra income you can afford to lose, not livelihood funds
  • Set betting budgets and loss limits before sessions
  • Keep bets small relative to your bankroll, 1-5% per wager
  • Avoid risky bets like heavy accumulators
  • Don’t chase losses with emotional all-in bets
  • Balance betting for fun with other hobbies and priorities
  • Seek help from quit betting programs if showing addictive behavior

While sports betting’s popularity has surged positively, prudent habits are vital so that the pastime doesn’t become destructive for finances and livelihoods.


For sustainable industry success, focus must remain on nurturing responsible betting norms and gambler protection in addition to innovation. With the right framework, sports wagering can augment entertainment for Kenyan adults without being detrimental.

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